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Reviewed.com Announces Launch of RefrigeratorInfo.com

Reviewed.com today is announcing the launch of RefrigeratorInfo.com.

Boston, MA – Reviewed.com today is announcing the launch of RefrigeratorInfo.com, the first of a series of home appliance review websites the company will be launching over the coming year. Following the company’s long history of providing in-depth, scientific reviews of consumer electronics, RefrigeratorInfo.com features comprehensive analysis and buying guides for refrigerators.

"Having provided consumers with comprehensive reviews in over a dozen consumer electronics categories for many years, we’re excited to help consumers in the home appliance category," said Robin Liss, publisher of Reviewed.com. "As energy prices rise, consumers are being hit in the pocketbook by inefficient home appliances. Central to our refrigerator reviews is performance analysis and energy efficiency reports that our readers can rely on to make the right purchase for their lifestyle."

For many homes, the refrigerator is not just a functional device, but is central to the design and feel of their kitchen. To help readers pick which refrigerator will fit their home, every review includes dozens of product photos and side-by-side comparisons

with other models. On RefrigeratorInfo.com, each reviewed refrigerator will feature an in-depth look at the energy efficiency, cooling and freezing stability and performance, crisper drawer humidity control, and analysis of the actual measured refrigerator and freezer capacity. Along with performance analysis, the expert team at Reviewed.com is analyzing additional features such as device controls, ice makers and water filters.

At launch, RefrigeratorInfo.com includes in-depth reviews of many top brands. The new site is being launched in conjunction with USA TODAY. Friday’s paper will include an article about the top factors to consider when buying a refrigerator, as well as a ranked list of RefrigeratorInfo.com's top French Door models.

Founded in 1997, Reviewed.com was acquired by USA TODAY in early 2011. Reviewed.com provides market-leading, comprehensive reviews in multiple categories. Each site features standardized, lab-tested, scientific reviews and comparison tools that empower consumers with all the information they need before making a purchase. Reviewed.com conducts its testing in dedicated facilities that feature lab quality testing equipment. These objective, proprietary testing methods give Reviewed.com a competitive edge with easy to understand reviews that compare products side-by-side.

The Reviewed.com network of technology review publications includes: DigitalCameraInfo.com, TelevisionInfo.com, CamcorderInfo.com, PrinterInfo.com, HeadphoneInfo.com, as well as international editions. The network reaches an average of 1,000,000 monthly unique readers.

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